If you would like to lease the premise, please contact Judith Herbst at extension 202. Please have the following available at the time you contact us: Professional Artist: name of artist(s) and their technical rider and date range that you are looking to book the venue.

Amateur or Recital Events: description of your event including time line and technical needs (audio, visual, and musical) and a range of dates that you anticipate holding the event
Corporate, Social or other Events: description of your event including a time line and technical needs, a range of dates, and if you need catering services provided or you have secured a caterer.  (Please note that all service of beverages is through the Keswick Theatre venue services).
If you are looking for us to present an act that you represent, agents or managers should contact Roy Snyder, Senior Talent Buyer.

Please note that the majority of our events provide their own opening acts.
While we vigorously support the development and efforts of growing talent, it is often not our decision to place the ‘opener’. If you would like to submit your information for these purposes, please send to Jennifer Muscatello (jmuscatello@keswicktheatre.com) or via mail to our address above.